Covid-19 Policy

Travel safely during the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak with Upper’s Private Transfer and Tours in Athens Greece.

Our Company strictly complies with the Greek Health Protocols for Travel Agencies Offering Transportation & Tour Services and the main guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Greece’s Public Health Organization (EODY). Upper offers not only the best but also the safest private transfer and tours in Greece. We would like to reassure you that we follow all the protective and hygiene measures in order to safeguard the health of our guests-travelers as well as our employees, so please read below our Covid-19 Shield Policy.

1. Only Private

We do only private transfers and tours. This is You, your partner, family and/or friends.

2. Travelers’ & Employees’ Protection

  • Our Guides, Drivers and all employees holds a valid EU vaccination certification
  • Our drivers wear a face mask during the ride (tours and/or transfers)
  • The use of face masks is mandatory for all travelers during rides. We provide travelers a mask in case they do not have one.
  • We take temprature checks and in some cases request virus-free attestations from travelers
  • Covid restrictions require audio headsets during the tours. The use of audio headsets guides is suggested to allow for social distancing and ensure our guests’ safety at all times
  • All employees get a covid self-test every week. This protects our employees and travelers, as more than 25% of infected people show no symptoms and could spread the virus accidentally


3. Contactless Meet & Greet

Our drivers will not come into physical contact with the travelers. They greet travelers with slight bow instead of a handshake

4. Contactless Service Assistant

If you prefer to handle your luggage personally, please inform our driver. They will open and close the trunk so only you will touch your belongings. If the driver handles your luggage, they will wipe down the luggage handles before handing it back to you.

5. Contactless Transactions

Tickets and entry permits are pre-purchase to avoid waiting lines. 

6. Sanitization Materail in Vehicles

Our vehicles are equipped with hand antiseptic gel both for drivers and travelers. Antiseptics are available at the entrance of each vehicle.

7. Vehicles Disinfection

Our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each ride. At least 20 minutes gap between transfers so that the vehicles can be cleaned and natural veltilated properly.

8. Amenities

We have removed some amenities, such as magazines, newspapers, etc from the seat-back pockets and any other material, which is neither sealed nor for one-use.

9.  Empoyees’ Training

  • Our Company is fully informed about the Covid-19 pandemic and we offer training and guidance to our employees regarding the symptoms of the coronavirus: cough, fever, shortness of breath.
  • Our employees are trained to follow procedures to manage suspected cases, e.g.  passengers that show symptoms of Covid-19 infection
  • We already draw up a written plan on how to manage suspected Covid-19 cases, according to the instructions of EODY, which is available in all vehicles.

10. Recommendations

  • We ask all travelers who are showing any symptoms or have tested positive to not book an Upper service until they receive a doctor’s permission to travel.
  • In case you or one of your co-travelers get tested positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of riding with Upper, please inform us immediately. This will help us to stop the spread.
  • We require any driver who tests positive to inform us immediately. Once informed, we will notify those who were in contact with the affected person for the previous 14 days.
  • We directed all drivers who suspect they may be sick to not perform any rides. Any driver who tests positive for Covid may not perform any rides until receiving a doctor’s permission.

11. Questions

If you still have questions, please contact Upper’s 24/7 Customer Care Team using the chat button in the bottom right corner in the website or you may call, or send an email to