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Professional Local Tour Guides in Athens Greece

Immersive experiences with Upper’s local tour guides in Greece

From Speke’s, Livingstone’s and Stanley’s escapades in Africa, America and the Indian subcontinent in the 19th century to Hillary’s first successful ascent of Everest in 1953, explorers in the past wouldn’t have made it without the locals. It is no different nowadays. When venturing into little known territory, it invariably makes sense to enlist the help of local experts to unlock all manner of support and insights.

Discover the hidden gems with Upper’s local tour guides in Greece

Though a staple tourist destination since the 1950s, Greece has many hidden sides, secrets and beauties one can not uncover simply by browsing the web. Skip the tourist traps -and the lines- to discover this extraordinary country’s illustrious past and sparkling present, with our handpicked local tour guides in Greece. Sample native culinary delights, take in the city vibe and the vivid local life day and night, find those magical hidden beaches, track down the hip and happening, behind-the-scenes areas and secret art, immerse yourselves in the local rhythms and cadences.
With a view of turning tourists into locals, we offer different options to suit different party sizes, dispositions, needs and whims.

Tour Guides

1. High-Calibre State-licensed Tourist Guides in Greece: An ambassador inside the borders of the country!

Our team consists of a group of well-versed professionals in the fields of architecture, geology, mathematics, physics, agriculture, history of art, archaeology, education, philosophy and religion -all graduates of the official Greek State School of Tourist Guides. Whatever your scope of interests, our fully customizable tours are available in many different  languages and designed to educate, inspire and entertain, alike. Hear stories from the ancient world, find out the how and why behind museums’ exhibits, see the landmarks and the veiled beauties, learn about Greece’s folkways and customs, the society and its historical evolution.

Languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Pусский, Português, 中国 Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Romanian, Arabic, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Polish, etc

2. Upper’s handpicked Tour Guides in Greece: Your welcoming local host!

Our local hosts are experts in a diverse range of fields including real estate, shipping, events, cinema and film, fashion, music, food and culinary traditions. And while they are not official tourist guides, they are all accomplished, passionate professionals in their respective areas. Get ready for a well-rounded, genuinely immersive experience in the authentic side of Greece. Available in four languages, our bespoke private tours with a local host in Athens and beyond, make sure that you just won’t miss anything in any part of this extraordinary country.

Whether you opt for a state licenced professional or a knowledgeable local host, you’re in for a 100% customizable, personalised experience and some off the beaten path views! Get in touch and let’s co-design your Greek private tour that piques your curiosity, fuels your imagination and matches your interests.