Why book your own private tours in Greece? 5+1 compelling reasons.

Private Guided Tour in Delphi with a state-licensed tour guide

Experience your dream holiday with customized private tours in Greece, curated by Upper Travel

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Whether it is tan lines, coconut-scented skin and sipping daiquiris on unspoilt exotic beaches that you are looking for, exploring history, learning another language or immersing yourselves in a foreign culture, nothing beats being someplace new.

Because work is stressful and our blood pressure is too high and we need a break from it all. Because home is boring. Because we can. Because Greece is Greece.

A mythic land of potent Gods and mighty men, this sun-kissed country seamlessly fuses past and present, archaeological wonders with modern-day treasures, and a culture that celebrates the joy of life. Breathtaking beautiful, Greece moreover boasts a healthy, temperate climate and a striking landscape that ranges from snow-capped peaks to ancient forests, natural springs and sandy beaches; and from sleepy villages to cosmopolitan urban centres. A bucket-list item for history buffs, foodies, nature lovers, adventurers and sports enthusiasts alike, Greece is arguably the best gift you can give to yourselves- and yours.

The advantages of a customized private tour in Greece

Yet choosing the destination of your next escapade is one thing. You should also consider how you want to experience it. Do you value your privacy and flexibility? Would you like to go beyond the ordinary and the mundane? Are you looking to connect with the local rhythms and cadences? Here’s why you should opt for a private tour in Greece, tailor-designed and delivered by Upper Travel.

1. Travel in style

Are you here for business or pleasure? For the icons, the secret spots or the sea, sun and fun combo? Do you want to soak up vibrant Athens, venture further into the mainland or hop around the islands? Perhaps a bit of everything? Anything goes and it’s up to you entirely. Explore at your pace, in your leisure with a private tour in Greece, tailored around your interests and budget, time constraints, needs and whims. See the sights and attractions of your choice -no forced shopping or mandatory museum visits, if that’s not your cup of tea- in the company of loved ones instead of a bunch of strangers. Whether it is only for a couple of hours sandwiched between business meetings, or a multiday leisure trip, enjoy a smooth, hassle-free experience and 24/7 customer care.

Our chauffeured luxury vehicles will pick you up from your hotel, villa, or boat in the marina, at the date and time of your convenience. Just relax and sit back as you are ferried to your destination, first-class, in absolute style and comfort. Why not even enjoy a glass of champagne -or a fine whisky along the way? No two clients are the same and this goes for their preferences, desires and demands. Boasting a 100% bespoke approach, Upper Travel undertakes to cater to your tastes and dietary requirements while onboard.

2. Choose the Greece you like

We can not stress it enough: No two clients are the same. And a lot of different Greeces’ exist. From an archetypical visit at the Acropolis and the Poseidon Temple to a steeped in history trip to the Peloponnese Peninsula, a glamorous expedition at the cosmopolitan Athenian Riviera, or a romantic tailor-designed honeymoon voyage, just let us know what makes you tick. We’ll put together your dream private tours in Greece, packed with hidden gems and special insights. You can just live it.

3. Enjoy exclusive experiences

Boasting considerable travel expertise and a host of insider connections, we are able to set up exclusive experiences like private tastings with winemakers, private luncheons at a local chef’s home, cooking lessons with renowned culinarians, or thematic walking tours that delve deep beneath the surface.

4. Gain insiders’ access

You might pride yourself on your explorer’s instincts. You might know how to surf the net to uncover all things hip and happening. Still, there may be a bunch of amazing local activities, novel restaurants, trendy bars and cutting edge attractions, privy to insiders only and not shared on social media. We know all the right people at the right places and are constantly searching for new experiences to offer to our clients. From these hard-to-get reservations in the best tables in town to those sought-after tickets for the latest avant-garde performance, we can grant you access to experiences that may have not even been on your radar.

5. Uncover stories and secrets

Are you curious about history and architecture? Do you want to explore the country’s remarkable culinary tradition? Would you like to hear the stories of real people in the places you’re visiting? And how about discovering the most instagrammable spots in Greece?
Our handpicked local tour guides can make all the difference: Whether state licenced tourist ambassadors or well-versed local hosts, all are seasoned professionals in their respective fields. With a fund of knowledge that stems from their authentic experiences -and love of their cities- they will show you the sights and let you in on the secrets: From the popular street vendor in a nook to the latest “IT” place in town.

6. Save time & money

Every second of your time matters, every cent of your budget counts. With our fully customizable private tours in Greece, you get maximum value for both. A one-stop shop for all travel-related services in Greece, Upper, designs and produces its -exclusively private tours and transfers, whilst operates on solely proprietary means. With a focus on flexibility and a non-negotiable bespoke approach, our talented team is able to deliver seamless, immersive travel experiences from start to finish. We’ll do the legwork, and then meticulously craft the itinerary that matches your desires and interests.

Our business is curating unforgettable memories, and we have a proven track record in helping savvy globetrotters get the most out of their trip to Greece. That’s why our clientele includes major international pop stars and high calibre businessmen, among others. Contact us – no soulless algorithms here, but a committed support staff to answer any of your queries, at any time of the day- and let’s co-author the holidays of your dreams.

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