Why UPPER gets a 5/5 review from its customers and partners


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If you run a travel company, you know how important reviews are. It is extremely important to make sure you’re getting as many 5/5 reviews from your travelers. At UPPER, we believe that travel companies should pay attention on the following six factors that can guarantee a five-star review from your travelers and partners.

1. Set realistic expectations and standards

  • Promise things that you can deliver
  • Provide detailed description and info as possible
  • Better to under-promise and over-deliver than to disappoint

2. Commitment to excellence

3. Communication is key

  • Ask your travelers what they really need
  • Always welcome special requests
  • Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

4. Facilities, Amenities and Services

  • Manage every Service as a single Project
  • Ensure you have everything your travelers may need readily available
  • Add your unique touches and make your travelers feel special

5. Create a unique experience from start to finish

  • Offer unforgettable experiences and operate them on passion
  • Ensure that travelers get back home with some “pinch me now” travel stories to tell
  • Remember that ground transportation experience (e.g. an Airport Transfer) is the first and the last impression of a traveler when arrives and discovers a new destination

6. Review travelers and reply to traveler reviews

  • Be happy to do that
  • Give positive and personalized review (privately or publicly)
  • Inspire customer loyalty

Implementing either all or some of these tips you will get the opportunity to receive 5 star reviews from your customers and business partners.

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